Roman Harper was pleased with how the year went for Alabama and explained why on the latest edition of “McElroy and Cubelic in the Morning.”

Harper said he’s never seen an Alabama team surrounded by as much as doubt and uncertainty as this year’s team. However, he was impressed with how the team responded and just played good football.

“They really took the negativity,” said Harper. “No Alabama team, since you were there, Greg, and since I was running around when we were actually terrible, has had this much scrutiny. Like everybody threw them away and then all of sudden this team hit a stride and they were balling.”

Players like Jalen Milroe and Terrion Arnold returning is something that Harper thinks will give the team a boost heading into next season. Milroe really got hot toward the middle part of the season. Arnold led the team with 5 interceptions in what was a breakout season for him.

“For like 6 or 7 weeks this guy Jalen Milroe was on another level. I think the confidence that you can go and take from this year,” said Harper. “A player like Terrion Arnold, he said already I’m coming back. That sets you up for success for next year.”

At the end of the day, Harper called the 2023 campaign a success for Alabama football. The players who are coming back for 2024 should give fans plenty to feel good about.

“Nothing’s guaranteed and we know how hard it is to get there, but Greg I’m with you. When you look back on it, it was a success,” said Harper. “Especially with the unit, the nucleus you have, the young guys, all the things and reps you got this year. It can only be better next year if you stay healthy and stay together.”