Roman Harper was a guest on Paul Finebaum’s Twitter Spaces event on Friday, and identified the area where Alabama is most vulnerable this season.

“Up front offensively, so I don’t think offensive line is exactly where they’ve been in the past, I still don’t think they’ve made that big, large leap from last year,” Harper said. “Last year they had explosive wide receivers on the outside to cover it all up. It’ll be interesting to see if their O-line actually improves. And if they do that, whether it’s with play calling to help them out with some protection things, or they don’t throw it as much and they run the ball better. But offensive line is definitely a scary sight for them.”

Harper, the former Alabama defensive back and SEC Network analyst, said a possible upset of Alabama would come from an opponent taking advantage of that offensive line, and preventing Bryce Young from finding rhythm.

“That is where Alabama could be susceptible to loss,” Harper said.

However, Harper said he was in a meeting with other college football analysts, and the question was posed about Alabama losing a game this season, and no one raised their hand.

“You’re with the majority if you’re picking Alabama to win the SEC and win it all, it’s no surprise Alabama is the cream of the crop this year,” Harper said.