Cam Robinson’s chances of suiting up for Alabama this season could be in serious jeopardy if the junior left tackle isn’t able to have his felony charge dropped down to a misdemeanor. That’s the bad news, the good news is his attorney thinks there’s a good chance the district attorney lessens the charge against his client.

“The district attorney office (in West Monroe, La.) is very good about trying to keep somebody from having a felony on their record, so it’s imminently possible this could be worked out to either a misdemeanor or possibly a dismissal depending on the circumstances of each case,” Robinson’s defense attorney Cameron Murray told the The Daily Bama Blog.

Murray didn’t stop there, as the attorney seemed confident Robinson would have a solid defense behind him.

“There are a lot of defenses to all of this,” Murray continued. “The government does still have the burden to prove that they knew it was stolen, or should have known. But if they can prove they didn’t know, then that’s an affirmative defense.”

After putting out his initial released statement following the arrests, Alabama head coach has also made his first public statements regarding the situation. As expected, Saban and the Tide are continuing to investigate but it’s clear the Crimson Tide coach is disappointed in his star lineman’s choices.

“We all have a responsibility and an obligation to represent the University, ourselves and our families,” Saban said on WNSP-FM’s Afternoon Sports Drive. “Obviously we’re a little disappointed that better choices and decisions weren’t made here. But, ’til we get the facts, we don’t have much else to say about it.”

The key thing moving forward in this case will be the felony charge against Robinson. If it sticks, his playing career may have come to an end much sooner than anyone could have anticipated.