Nick Saban wasn’t a fan of Bo Scarbrough’s interaction with a Tennessee fan after his 85-yard touchddown run Saturday. After the ran, Scarbrough was shown putting his hand in the fan’s face, which many deemed as “showboating.”

The coach revealed during his Wednesday press conference that he spoke with the sophomore, as well as the entire team, about the incident and its possible Scarbrough joined offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin in the coach’s “ass-chewing club.”

“I did talk to him. I talked to the whole team about it,” Saban said Wednesday evening. “I don’t know what category you would put the conversation in, whether it was talking to or we’ve talked about these elements of ass-chewings before. I don’t know where you categorize that one.

“But look, that’s a young kid that needs people to look up to in the world, needs sports figures that he can sort of have some admiration for the way they carry themselves, the example they set, the things that they do. And that was not an action that actually contributed to that in any way, and it’s not how we want our players to represent themselves, their family or the program.”

Here’s the play Saban was referring to:

Despite his displeasure in Scarbrough’s post-touchdown antics, Saban has to be satisfied with the sophomore’s career-high 109 yards and the touchdown run on just five carries during his first career start in Week 7.

“I think Bo has gotten better and better every week,” Saban said. “I think he’s playing with more and more confidence, probably has a little better understanding of what’s expected from him and he’s made some really good plays. I think that probably contributes to him feeling pretty good about his progress he’s making, the role that he has and the way he can contribute to the team.

“So we’re happy with his development. We certainly need him. He’s got a lot of ability, and hopefully he’ll continue to progress and play well for us.”