After many anticipated Alabama would win the SEC championship this year, it had a very difficult time getting there. The season was in major jeopardy after Ole Miss defeated the Tide in early October, 23-17.

This has been the most explosive offense in Alabama history, but this is not the same offense to which we’re accustomed. Lane Kiffin has brought in the West Coast system and they have not been running the ball as effectively. The Tide’s defense hasn’t been all that impressive either. They are ranked sixth nationally in points against, but they seem to really struggle against good offenses.

After watching them throughout the season, I can tell nobody is afraid of this defense like they used to be in years past. Make no mistake, these guys are very good, but they aren’t the best of the best like they have been in previous years.

My season-changing moment for the Tide came against LSU down in Death Valley. Falling behind and needing a field goal to tie the game, Blake Sims and the Bama offense marched down the field in the closing minutes and got into field goal range. The kicker drilled it and sent the game into overtime.

In OT, Kiffin and Sims took over. Sims eventually threw a touchdown pass to go up 20-13 and LSU couldn’t answer on their OT possession. Any time you win on the road in the SEC, it is a huge accomplishment. Winning in arguably the most hostile environment is season changing

I think that game gave the Crimson Tide a huge boost of confidence. They had gone through a very difficult schedule up to that point and had the No. 1-ranked team the following week.

People just don’t understand how hard it is to compete week in and week out against top-tier teams.