As expected, SEC programs are well represented among the top 5 schools to have players on active rosters in the NFL as pro football begins this week.

Alabama leads the way with 53, followed by Ohio State at 50, LSU at 46, and Georgia is tied with Notre Dame at 35. This continues a trend that was similar last year when Alabama (57), LSU (42) and Florida (38) had the most players on NFL rosters from the SEC.

The 2021 season begins Thursday when the Dallas Cowboys visit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

A total of 1,696 players make up the NFL’s active rosters, the NCAA reported. This year, 1,411 (83 percent) hail from FBS schools. Once again, the SEC has the most players on active rosters with the Big Ten following close behind. The two conferences combine for 598 of the 1,411 former FBS players and the top four teams with players on the active roster come from either the SEC or Big Ten.

One of Alabama’s most recognizable shifts is at quarterback. Unlike the start of last season where the Crimson Tide had no former quarterbacks starting in the NFL, they now have 3 projected starters: Tua Tagovailoa (Miami), Jalen Hurts (Philadelphia) and Mac Jones (New England).