Former Alabama QB Mac Jones is seeing his NFL Draft stock rise in recent weeks, and he appeared to impress NFL scouts and coaches at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama.

Senior Bowl executive director and former NFL scout Jim Nagy is well aware of Jones’ draft profile and stance in the quarterback class for the upcoming NFL Draft. Nagy appeared on a “SportsCenter” segment on Sunday morning to explain Jones’ position among NFL Draft observers.

Jones did not play in the Jan. 30 Senior Bowl because of injury, but did enough to leave a lasting memory between his physical and mental intangibles to NFL coaches and scouts.

“The usual two talking points with Mac Jones … it was great to see him up close, and that’s his intelligence and his accuracy,” Nagy said, per 247Sports. “So you talk about those two things, what’s going to make Mac a really good NFL starting quarterback is his ability to process information and take an NFL playbook — which he did in Mobile. That’s difficult for a lot of quarterbacks, to come down here and spit out the verbiage, do all the things they need to do.”

Nagy then revealed details that will draw a lot of attention and praise by NFL general managers.

“But Mac is an old-school gym rat,” he said. “We caught him a couple nights in the convention center studying tape after midnight, and the important thing is that carried over onto the field. He got on the field, he knew where to go with the ball and, most importantly, he put it where he needed to put it. I think those are the things that are going to make Mac a really good NFL starting quarterback.”