If Alabama fans needed any extra reassurance that Nick Saban’s program just landed a solid prospect on the recruiting trail, look no further than the prospect’s family history in Tuscaloosa.

In case you missed it on Monday evening, three-star Ohio defensive back Devonta Smith announced his commitment to Alabama just days after his decommitment from Ohio State. Turns out Ohio State having the homefield advantage in recruiting isn’t enough to win out when Saban finds a defensive back he likes among the high school ranks.

Following Smith’s public commitment to Alabama, a former star Crimson Tide running back reached out to congratulate the newest member of the program. Turns out, Smith is the cousin of Shaun Alexander.

Before going on to an incredibly successful career in the NFL, Alexander rushed for 3,565 yards and 41 touchdowns during his four-year career with the Crimson Tide from 1996 until 1999. He also had 62 catches for 798 yards and eight receiving touchdowns.

After learning of his cousin’s public commitment to Alabama, Alexander issued the following message on Twitter.