Two guys from Bleacher Report ran a unique Madden simulation via GameCube and the result is bound to turn some heads.

Adam Lefkoe and Stephen Nelson provided commentary for one of the greatest matchups of our generation: the 2016 Alabama Crimson Tide vs. the 2016 Cleveland Browns.

It wasn’t even close. Alabama won 34-0, silencing all doubters in the case that it can’t compare to a full NFL roster.

All kidding aside, while it’s fun to imagine a scenario like this, it’s unrealistic to think that any NFL team — even one that is 0-12 and on pace for a winless season — would lose to a college football team, regardless of its consistent dominance against amateur competition.

In a real-life meeting between the two, the Browns would look superior at almost every position, save a few.

Fortunately, that is a scenario that will never happen.