Once Gary Danielson offered to accept a pay cut because of the up-tempo pace of the Alabama-Tennessee game, fans across the SEC may have just yelled for approval in unison. But most wanted him off the broadcast altogether.

Whether it was the early targeting call whistled against Tennessee that was overturned, or the Najee Harris near-fumble at the goal line, Danielson was the target of criticism from fans around the Southeast. The mute button was something many fans reached for just minutes into the broadcast of the “SEC on CBS” from Knoxville, Tennessee.

One fan even called for an invention of a television remote that only muted Danielson. Others were glad that the TV contract in the future didn’t land with CBS, only because of Danielson.

Late in the first half, before Tennessee’s touchdown scoring drive, fans didn’t agree with how Danielson called a would-be pass interference against Alabama.

One fan of another team said even Alabama fans agree that Crimson Tide faithful don’t like Danielson either.

Here is a sampling of the criticism: