Stephen A. Smith did not hold anything back when discussing Texas A&M’s game at Alabama this season, and sounded alarm for the Aggies against the Crimson Tide.

Smith on ESPN’s “First Take” shared his thoughts during a segment with ESPN commentator Paul Finebaum. It was a back-and-forth discussion about Alabama’s response to last season, and how Nick Saban has characterized last season as a “rebuilding year.” Smith and Finebaum debated if Alabama was full strength, and the kind of talent Georgia had in the national championship, while both teams dealt with injuries.

“I feel bad for what’s going to happen to Texas A&M when they go down to Alabama,” Smith said. “Them boys in trouble. So all I’m trying to say to you is I know what you’re talking about, but you’re nit-picking Paul Finebaum. Nick Saban is great, OK, he’s phenomenal.”

Smith went on to say that Saban offers facts and corrects errors in the next meeting against a team like Texas A&M that Alabama lost to last year.

“That’s exactly what he’s going to do this upcoming season,” Smith said.