The Heisman Trophy race is heating up. Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence was the early leader, but after missing a couple of games with COVID-19, many consider Alabama QB Mac Jones the new frontrunner.

On Friday morning on ESPN’s “First Take,” analyst (and former Heisman winner) Tim Tebow weighed in on the battle.

Tebow said he still thinks Lawrence is in the race, but he has Jones atop his board right now (via 247Sports):

“I think he’s right up there,” Tebow said of Lawrence. “I probably have him at 1b right now, right behind Mac Jones. I think if you look at what Mac Jones has done, I think he has the best deep ball in the country and I think he probably has a superior deep ball to even Tua. I think Tua was a more pure passer, but Mac has been unbelievable, lights out down the field and he’s got some receivers that can go get it as well. I think Trevor is right there. I think if he comes back and he’s able to win the ACC championship and beat Notre Dame again, I think he could make a push at it. But I’d probably have him at 1b, right behind Mac Jones.”

Lawrence is missing Saturday night’s big game between Clemson and Notre Dame. Jones is off this week.

That means a guy like Ohio State’s Justin Fields has the spotlight. We’ll see how Heisman rankings look after this weekend’s action.