Tua Tagovailoa indeed had a headache on Thursday night, and still does, his coach, Mike McDaniel, told reporters on Friday afternoon.

McDaniel also said he wouldn’t have done anything differently in handling Tagovailoa’s injury from Sunday because the quarterback passed all the protocols for a head injury.

McDaniel said he didn’t see anything different about Tagovailoa that would have indicated a head injury.

“I’m in steady communication with this guy day in and day out,” the coach said. “And we’re talking about high-level stuff…there was no medical indication (of a head injury).”

If McDaniel had put Tagovailoa in harm’s way with a head injury, he said, “I wouldn’t have been able to live (with) myself.”

McDaniel also deflected a question about putting Tagovailoa on injured reserve.

“I’m not even thinking about timetables as a player,” he said. “It’s about Tua as a person. We’re just worried about him getting healthy and getting all of the testing done. We’ll cross the bridge on timetables.”