Tua Tagovailoa isn’t like many professional athletes. Some athletes make millions of dollars only to wind up broke after their playing career is over. Tagovailoa isn’t like that, and he’s being very smart about his future.

The former Alabama quarterback signed a $30.3 million rookie contract, including a $19.6 million signing bonus. Assuming he has a nice career like most think, more millions will be guaranteed to him, too. The impressive thing — he’s not spending any of the contract money, because he’s living off his endorsement deals.

Tagovailoa recently sat down with GQ, and he explained his mindset.

“I’m gonna be living off of my marketing money, so the endorsement money that I get, and then everything else is just put to the side,” Tagovailoa said. “So the money that I’m making from my contract, that’s put to the side, so none of that’s gonna be seen.”

The Dolphins quarterback bought (with his endorsement money) a $1.65 million South Florida home, an $80,000 Escalade for his mother and a $10,000 Rolex watch for his father.

While some will laugh and snicker at Tagovailoa’s choice to not spend his many millions, he’ll get the last laugh following his retirement. As much money as he should make over his NFL career, that’s generational wealth for the Tagovailoas for years in the future.