Tua Tagovailoa is a married man.

The former Alabama star and current Miami Dolphins quarterback confirmed the news of his marriage that broke on Tuesday, via reporter Andy Slater’s “clergy source.”

Tagovailoa, a very private person who is guarded with his personal life, wasn’t happy the news leaked. During a press conference on Wednesday, he said it was a special day, but added that it was disrespectful that the news broke (via AL.com):

“It was very special,” Tagovailoa said upon being congratulated on his marriage. “I don’t know who ended up leaking it, but he must have been waiting outside the courthouse for an entire week or something.

“For me, I love to keep my life as private as possible, and that’s what we tried to do – me, my wife and my family. But obviously in this world, that’s not how it is. It’s almost kind of disrespectful, if you will, by doing that. But it is what it is, and, shoot, can’t do anything about it. Guys, I have a wife.”

Now, Tagovailoa will turn his attention toward the Dolphins’ upcoming preseason debut. The team will take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Aug. 13. It could be the first time we see Tagovailoa and star WR Tyreek Hill on the field together for the Dolphins.