Former Miami Hurricanes DB Antrel Rolle appeared on ESPN on Tuesday to talk about college football.

The topic of Rolle’s 2001 squad, which went 12-0 and won a national championship, playing the currently undefeated No. 1 Alabama Crimson Tide, came up, prompting Rolle to share his thoughts on the matter.

Naturally, Rolle, who played for 11 years in the NFL, thinks his old squad would have had the advantage:

“Is that even a question?” Rolle asks. “I don’t think it would’ve been a close game. Not taking anything away from Alabama, I think they’re a great, great collegiate program under Nick Saban, but we were different animals back then.”

Rolle makes a fair point. Under current rules limiting big hits and contact, the Hurricanes would likely commit a penalty on almost every play, giving Alabama the edge. But, if the game were played under 2001 rules, the Hurricanes might have the upper hand in terms of physicality.

Unfortunately, as with any of these “what if?” hypotheticals (1996 Chicago Bulls vs. 2016 Golden State Warriors, anyone?), the question is utterly unprovable and irrelevant.