One thing we knew for sure heading into the Alabama-Clemson game is that Nick Saban and his staff were playing the underdog card.

Booger McFarland said on ESPN following the game that someone from the Tide’s staff contacted him specifically and told him not to say anything good about Alabama the week leading into the Clemson game, because the staff was playing that card.

Well, it worked, and Alabama dominated Clemson 24-6. Its talked-about defense was absolutely suffocating.

One of those players is DB Tony Brown, who, during his post-game interview, accused Clemson WR Hunter Renfrow of lying about comments after last year’s national championship game and thanked Dabo Swinney for providing “ammunition” that the team needed.

“Didn’t happen,” Brown said of Renfrow’s comments about last year’s game. ‘That didn’t happen at all. That was a complete lie, but like I said, I appreciate it. I love it. I love the lies he told and I love Dabo for all the ammunition he gave this team, man. He gave this team a lot of ammunition to come this game ready to dominate every play. They told us we weren’t ready. They told us we weren’t worthy of a top-four team.

This is an epic post-game interview, courtesy of