Over the past month, several media members and oddsmakers have jumped on the Kyler-Murray-for-Heisman bandwagon.

Just don’t count the folks at Bleacher Report among them.

The outlet released a video Thursday boldly proclaiming that Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is the “no-brainer” Heisman Trophy choice after a “legendary” 2018 campaign. Though the race between Tagovailoa and Oklahoma’s signal-caller is presumed to be a tight one, Bleacher Report contends “there has never been a more obvious winner” in the award’s 83-year history.

Murray made a late season push for the Heisman punctuated by an outstanding performance against Texas in the Big 12 Championship Game. Couple that with Tagovailoa’s injury-riddled struggles against Georgia in the SEC Championship Game, and the Heisman race suddenly became murky after Tagovailoa looked like the clear frontrunner all season.

But Bleacher Report still argued for Alabama’s star sophomore, pointing to statistics like his sky-high passer rating, amazingly low interception total and the Crimson Tide’s average margin of victory with Tagovailoa at the helm.

Even so, it still might be a stretch to call Tagovailoa the most obvious winner ever. One thing, however, is certain — we’ll find out who takes home the Heisman on Saturday night.