The NFL Draft is quickly approaching, and that means players are trying to position themselves to be selected as early as possible.

Alabama DL Da’Ron Payne is projected by most analysts to be a mid first-round pick, but he can rise higher with a big performance at the NFL Scouting Combine at the end of the month.

He’s going to test well as a power lifter, based on the video below, shared on YouTube by As you can see, he builds his way up to deadlifting an impressive 635 pounds:

That’s an impressive weight, but former Clemson and current Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson deadlifted 605 pounds last year, so Payne may need to add a few pounds to his total to stand out.

The world record, for those wondering, is 1,014.1 pounds, so Payne has quite a ways to go if he wants to break that mark. Of course, he’ll probably stick with football and leave powerlifting world records to the pros.