One of the most touching moments from Alabama’s Tuesday trip to the White House came when punter JK Scott and several other Crimson Tide players and coaches prayed with president Donald Trump.

The moment was seen by millions, but Alabama players insist it wasn’t about politics — it was just about sharing a moment with a man who happens to be president.

Below, Scott discusses the prayer, saying he felt moved by God to pray with and for Trump:

“He shook a few players’ hands and one of those hands was mine,” he said. “I just had the perfect opportunity to ask him, so I said, ‘Can I pray for you?’ and he said ‘Yeah, come on.’ So when I went up to him and laid hands on him, everybody around us laid hands on each other and on him. This wasn’t about a statement. This wasn’t about politics. This wasn’t about any of that.”

The prayer will be remembered for a long time, and Scott will always get to say he got to pray with a president. Politics aside, that’s a pretty cool memory to have.