Recently, Alabama coach Nick Saban underwent hip surgery — a procedure that would slow many people down for a couple of weeks.

Saban isn’t most people, though, and he was back at work within two days. However, his rehab process continues, which has to be driving him crazy.

On Tuesday, SEC Network host Paul Finebaum sat down with Saban and discussed the recovery. As you can see below, Saban talks about how hard it is to keep himself from pushing too hard in his rehab:

“I lasted six hours,” Saban said of having down time. “They did the surgery Monday night and I was home by Tuesday morning at 9. I sat in the chair with the pain-ready machine and ice and all that, doing exercises, and six hours. At 3:00, Miss Terry said she was taking the dogs to the lake and I went outside and started walking around in the yard. As soon as she got back, she told on me, though.

“I told many people, ‘If this is what retirement is about, don’t mention it. I want no part of it.'”

Well, there you have it. Don’t expect Saban to call it quits on his coaching career anytime soon.