Here’s what Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops and Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney had to say after the Tigers won 37-17 in the Captial One Orange Bowl on Thursday in Miami.


On being 14-0: “Never been with a 14-0 team, so it sounds good.

On being the underdog: “Nobody believes in this team except these guys, and they just got a great heart, and it showed tonight.”

What was the key?: “I thought we physically won in the trenches.”

Ran away in the second half: “Defense rose up in the second half, man, was some huge plays, B.J., Ben Boulware.”

What’s next: “All I know is we’re going to play somebody in the Natis. That’s all I know.”

Comfortable with the lead in the fourth quarter: “We’re 51-0 when we take a lead into the fourth quarter.”