Here are the highlights from Nick Saban’s weekly radio show as No. 8 Alabama gets set to host Arkansas on Saturday.

In light of his tirade in Monday’s press conference, Saban made sure everyone knows he actually does like journalism to some degree.

After addressing his feelings about the media, Saban took a moment to address the Tuscaloosa faithful.

Saban’s team has been tested in the early portion of the season, already having faced three teams that were ranked among the top 20 in the AP Poll. The Tide beat No. 20 Wisconsin 35-17 in the season-opener, lost to No. 15 Ole Miss 43-37 two weeks after that and beat No. 8 Georgia 38-10 last week.

Saban talked about the team’s success this season with takeaways. Alabama is tied with Florida for the SEC lead with 11 forced turnovers on the season. The team has a weekly competition for the “Ball Out” turnover belt awarded to the defensive player with the most forced turnovers or disruptions in a game or practice.

Saban was asked about the idea of adding a conference game to the regular season schedule.

Saban also gave his thoughts on offensive and defensive coordinators being on the field compared to being in the press box during games. Saban said he actually wanted to be in the press box as a defensive coordinator because he liked the play sheets in front of him but said you can’t make an impact on players from up there. He mentions offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin and why he came down to the field last season.