The South Carolina Gamecocks gave it a good effort against No. 2 Alabama on Saturday afternoon in Columbia, but ultimately fell 47-23 to the Crimson Tide.

There were some positive to take away from the game for the Gamecocks, but overall, the Tide were simply the better team on the field.

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After the game, South Carolina coach Will Muschamp had some positive things to say about Alabama (via

On Tua Tagovailoa and Alabama’s receivers:

“The quarterback is outstanding and their receivers are elite. They’re really good players and they’re very difficult in space. We squandered some opportunities offensively and defensively on third down and opportunities to get off the field, and that’s probably the most disappointing part of the whole thing.”

On facing such a tough team:

“I will never question our guys’ effort. We played the run extremely well against a team that runs the ball well. We’ve got to do a better job in the passing game, especially the space plays and some of the intermediate and underneath throws, making some plays in space in those situations. Converting more in the red zone offensively. We made some nice drives today, but we didn’t get what we wanted, which was to win the game.”

On not being able to keep pressure on the Tide:

“When you get into the red zone against that team, you’ve got to score touchdowns. They’re very explosive offensively. You saw their space plays. Going into the game, we knew they will complete some balls but limit the amount of explosive plays and they’re very elusive in space. It wasn’t really the vertical balls down the field. It was the intermediate throws and being able to make people miss in space.”

South Carolina heads to Missouri for its SEC East opener next Saturday afternoon.