Even if Alabama has 2 losses, there’s still a theory of belief that the Crimson Tide can make the College Football Playoff, so the question at hand on Wednesday morning was which of the Auburn or Georgia games can they lose and still make it.

That was posed to ESPN commentator Paul Finebaum on “Get Up.”

“They better not lose either one in my opinion,” he said. “The (Georgia) game helps them a little bit because they would have a championship over the No. 1 team in the country, but it still puts them at a disadvantage having lost to a 5-loss Auburn team. But clearly, if you had to pick, they’re better off losing to Auburn because the last thing on their resume would be a win over the No. 1 team in the country, the undisputed and indisputable best team that we’ve seen. It would also be a championship and when this committee gets together for the final time, as Heather (Dinich) has said repeatedly, those championship data points really matter.”