Will Anderson is impressive enough as a linebacker, but when the sports science professionals at Alabama include his GPS numbers, it takes his talent to another level.

To put it in perspective, Dr. Matt Rhea, the Crimson Tide’s director of sports science, has told ESPN’s Mark Schlabach that Anderson has reached 20 mph on GPS while running in practice. What’s more is that Anderson is the fastest player on the team going from a standstill to 5 yards, at 10.7 mph. Keep in mind that those numbers are for a linebacker, and former Alabama star wide receiver Jaylen Waddle was clocked at 11.2 mph at 5 yards last year.

“Waddle was the fastest at five yards that I have ever seen,” Rhea said. “But at 245 pounds, it’s unbelievable how fast [Anderson] gets off the start.”