Arkansas coach Chad Morris this week announced suspensions for DBs Kamren Curl and Ryan Pulley following their behavior with female members of the Mississippi State spirit squad before the teams’ game last Saturday in Starkville.

Morris said the pair has been suspended from the team for actions he called “completely unacceptable.”

“When asked whether they would return to the program,” Morris said, “They’re out this week. We’ll discuss that next week.”

But one of their teammates came to their defense in a tweet following that announcement, and fan reaction.

“Y’all not about to just bash my bros who I grind with day in & day out,’ DL Randy Ramsey tweeted. “If none y’all don’t sit in the film room with a call sheet watching playing by play then your opinion is irrelevant. Don’t try an act like that’s why we lost Saturday. We 2-9 not 10-1.”

This is the latest unfortunate development in a forgettable season for Arkansas. With that 2-9 record and a game this week at Missouri on Friday, there have been references this week that Arkansas has never lost 10 games in a season. That could be a difficult issue for Morris to explain throughout the offseason.