Chad Morris has plenty of supporters in Fayetteville and nationally, as well.

There are expectations that the first-year coach and his high-powered offense is exactly what Arkansas needs to bounce back after the brutal end to the Bret Bielema era.

But apparently not everyone is buying what Morris is selling.

Dave Bartoo, who runs College Football Matrix, explained on “Sports Talk with Bo Mattingly” why he doesn’t think that Morris will succeed in Fayetteville.

“At SMU, it took a really, really long time for that offense to get going. Now this year, his last at SMU, it was very, very good. But it took two years to get that offense to come around. Those first two years were absolutely abysmal,” Bartoo said. “If he’s going to get the Hog offense ramped up, don’t expect anything big in the first two years.”

Bartoo continued with a recruiting knock on Morris.

“Everybody heralded this guy as this great recruiter. And I’m not sure where that comes from,” Bartoo said. “If you look at his numbers at SMU, the average class he pulled was 74. If you look at June Jones, the guy right before him, the average class he pulled was much better at 63. So there’s that concern as well that he didn’t improve SMU’s recruiting overall.”

The anti-Morris explanation continued with Bartoo referencing Morris’ average distance away from campus per recruit, as well as the average weight improvement of each recruit at SMU.

Here’s the entire segment:

Bartoo appears to be in the minority, but perhaps that take will be more popular if Morris struggles to get Arkansas to the postseason in his first season.