Don’t you just love it when Arkansas fans call the hogs at sporting events? Of course we do; it’s part of SEC football and tradition.

According to Forbes, the University of Arkansas has trademarked The Hog Call. The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted Arkansas’ Board of Trustees the trademark, but it’s not based off a word or phrase. Instead, it’s based on the sound.

Arkansas has received federal protection of the “Wooooooo. Pig. Sooie!” chant with respect to collegiate athletic and sporting events.

Among the university’s submittals, the sayings’ first claimed use was on December 31, 1929. After overcoming a brief examination by USPTO, the university submitted the following video with Frank Broyles as a rebuttal after the USPTO said “[b]ecause crowds commonly chant encouraging words at sporting events, consumers of the sporting event would not recognize the chant as a source indicator for the event.” It was then deemed sufficient to warrant trademark registration.

As the article points out, it will be interesting to see which universities now file patents for chants associated with athletic competition.