Earlier this week, Arkansas coach Bret Bielema said he had been guaranteed that he won’t see the official who flagged him with an unsportsmanlike penalty during Saturday’s loss to Alabama again.

Following a holding penalty that revoked a Razorback touchdown, Bielema said umpire Stan Weihe should only watch between the guards. After a field goal, the coach made his way onto the field, yelled at multiple referees and was flagged for 15 yards.

“For a lot of reasons, we’re probably better off moving forward (not talking about it). I can be rest assured we’ll never see that official again. That’s been guaranteed to me,” Bielema said during his Monday press conference. “That makes my heart and my wife’s heart probably a little better.”

It seems Bielema has had a change of heart since his presser. During Wednesday’s SEC teleconference, Bielema apologized for his comments.

Well, glad that’s cleared up.