Jen Bielema, wife of Arkansas coach Bret Bielema, is not happy with David Hookstead of the Daily Caller.

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Hookstead wrote a piece last week claiming that the Bielemas’ story of how they met was untrue. Mrs. Bielema responded on Twitter by calling the writer out, which led to the following exchange:


Hookstead’s “good riddance from WI” comment reveals part of his intention to write the piece. Bielema was 68-24 (37-19 Big Ten) at Wisconsin, which included consecutive conference championships in his last three seasons before accepting the job at Arkansas.

As for his accusations of a fabricated story, Bielema recently claimed that he told his wife he was a history teacher when they first met. Hookstead claimed that it would be unbelievable for someone in Wisconsin to not recognize Bielema at the time of his tenure, which Mrs. Bielema also refuted.

The couple has blocked Hookstead on Twitter since the article was published.