Last week, Arkansas coach Chad Morris wasn’t with the Razorbacks in Fort Collins on Friday night. Instead, he was watching his son, Chandler, play high school football in Dallas.

That move drew some criticism, especially after the Hogs blew a late lead in a road loss to the Rams.

However, on Wednesday, Morris doubled down on his decision to put family first (via

“Everything is done here before we ever get on any plane or before we ever travel to any team hotel,” said Morris. “We’ve got several coaches out on the road on Friday. Again, going back to building this program and taking it from the blueprint of where we were at Clemson and watching Dabo and his success, and being able to go watch his two boys play and being on the road on Friday nights — a lot of programs do things different on a Friday. … The main important thing is to get out and recruit when you get the opportunity. You only get so many days to get out.”

Of course, Morris makes a good point — if you need Friday night to do something to win Saturday’s game, you aren’t using the rest of the week efficiently.

Still, if the Hogs continue to lose road games, the decision will continue to be called into question.