Coming off another SEC loss, one which came against a Kentucky team without a traditional passing quarterback, Arkansas head coach Chad Morris is searching for answers. That appears to be particularly true at quarterback.

Against Kentucky, senior Ben Hicks and junior Nick Starkel split snaps behind center. When asked what Week 8 will hold at quarterback for Arkansas in his teleconference on Wednesday, Morris said “everything is a possibility at this point.”

He also said that Tuesday’s practice was very competitive and that he is willing to go with “the guy” behind center if one emerges, but he’s also open to returning to “the other guy” if needed.

Clearly nothing is decided at quarterback for Arkansas. Starkel has received more playing time, but he’s struggled with a 58.7 completion percentage, seven touchdowns and seven interceptions. However, Hicks has completed just 51.3 percent of his passes for an average of 6.4 yards per attempt.

Here’s what else Morris said on Wednesday:

  • On facing Auburn last year and the success they had: One thing we did was limit big plays. That really stood out after watching the film… we also got them off the field on third down, they have speed and depth all over the field… we have got to make sure we are assignment sound (against Auburn).
  • On Gus Malzahn: I know coach, Kristy, one of my better friends, we go back to the early 2000’s.
  • On high school coaches becoming college coaches: When he and I originally met, he was coaching high school and so was I… the sharing of ideas started there and continues, Gus kinda led the charge of HS coaches moving up to college. I would not be a college coach if not for Gus. It all started when we were high school coaches.
  • Rakeem Boyd and Colton Jackson: Both will play.
  • Bo Nix, how does he compare to Lynn Bowden: From Bo’s standpoint, there is a lot more window dressing, different presentations from BO’s running, that’s all part of the scheme… you have to get aligned, that’s critical… different running styles but very much effective.
  • On Auburn’s DL: Well, when you turn it on and watch them, it’s extremely impressive. I’ve coached against some elite defenses, this would rank up there with those. I’ve worked with Kevin Steele at Clemson, I know the type of coach he is… Derrick Brown, I don’t know if I’ve seen a player play as hard as him and it doesn’t stop at him… a lot of depth.
  • On Bo Nix turnovers vs. Florida: It’s back to the line of scrimmage, Florida’s line was disruptive upfront, got pressure forced some throws and played really good behind it… Bo had some guys open, I know he wishes he had some of those throws back… we’ve followed Bo since high school, he’s a great player.