The 2018 season was a rough one for many Arkansas fans, but it didn’t break the spirit of 84-year-old Kathleen Smith. Unfortunately, it did break her hip.

Smith told Kaitlyn Rigdon of the El Dorado News-Times that a Hogs touchdown in the Arkansas-Ole Miss game (Oct. 13, 2018) made her jump up out of her chair at the Hudson Senior Center, resulting in a fall that broke her hip.

“As well as I can remember, I was sitting in a chair and I jumped up when we scored a touchdown,” Smith told Rigdon. “I jumped so high and so hard that when I came down, it kind of knocked me out.”

The story was passed along to Chad Morris’ secretary. Now Smith has a signed photograph and handwritten letter from Morris.

“I am so sorry to hear that you fell during our game last Saturday,” Morris wrote. “Our entire Razorback staff and players are praying for a quick recovery. We appreciate your support and love for the Razorbacks. I promise that we will get this program back to the top. Please take care and stay strong — Just keep getting better everyday. Hope to see you when I come to El Dorado. Go Hogs!”

Hopefully Smith has more reasons to celebrate, without any more injuries, in 2019.