The 2020 NBA Draft has been moved back to October, and with that decision, the deadlines for college players to decide whether to enter and/or stay in the draft class have been extended.

One key SEC player who has yet to decide which way he wants to go for next season is Arkansas sharpshooter Isaiah Joe.

This week, Arkansas coach Eric Musselman said he’s not sure when Joe will make a final decision (via 247Sports):

“I don’t really know what Isaiah and the Joe family, what their timeline will be,” Musselman said Wednesday. “I think that a lot of guys have been doing Zoom interviews. Those are going to start tapering down. They’ve already started tapering down in the last week, and it’ll continue to go in a slower pattern. And well past August, I’m sure those interviews will start ramping back up.”

Musselman said Arkansas is doing all it can to help Joe and his family throughout the pre-draft process:

“Just as I’ve stated in the past, we’re just here to support Isaiah, here to support and facilitate any of these Zoom interviews as we possibly can,” Musselman said. “I think it’s been exhausted. I don’t know much more we can do. We put together a pretty extensive book when the process was beginning and we gave some of our feedback.

“We continue to give feedback. Hays Myers (a grad assistant) keeps a running tab of the interviews, and I’ll follow up or someone on staff will follow up and get feedback from those NBA teams and from those interviews. Whatever information we can share with Isaiah and with his father Derrick, we do that and that’s just kind of how the process goes.”

Joe still has time to decide, but his decision will have major implications at Arkansas.