Eric Musselman is a big fan of Ludacris, and had the opportunity to see him on Saturday night after Arkansas knocked off West Virginia, 77-68, in the SEC/Big 12 Challenge.

Musselman shared on Sirius/XM that he and his wife bought an 8-person suite to the concert, but his wife figured when Arkansas was in the midst of losing, that Musselman wouldn’t want to go after a game. So he woke up Saturday morning and said he couldn’t wait to go beat West Virginia, and then go to the concert.

“She goes, ‘What are you talking about? You haven’t mentioned that since the day you bought the tickets,'” he recalled her saying. “It’s women’s night out, all my friends are going.’ And she was dead serious, her sister flew in from Atlanta, obviously Ludacris is from Atlanta. So literally all the tickets were gone.”

Fortunately, Musselman got a lot of help to get a ticket after all, from social media and elsewhere, to the point where he could have taken his entire staff.

Musselman ultimately watched the concert from the side stage, and talked with Ludacris after the show and got a picture.

“That is a true story, my wife did literally give my ticket away,” he said.