Eric Musselman apparently has more than just the athletic administration critiquing him and his team.

On Friday, the Arkansas basketball head coach shared that he receives texts from notable alum John Daly after games. After the No. 8 seeded Razorbacks took down the No. 9 seeded Illinois 73-63 on Thursday, Musselman received four texts from Daly.

When Musselman was asked what Daly had to say, he shared:

“He was very happy with our free throw shooting. That’s not a joke,” said Musselman. “I really do get several texts, and sometimes we do converse, believe it or not, late night on our lack of free throw shooting. I sent him — just so everybody knows, I did send him several of your guys’ Tweets, and I think he felt good about that, too, that we acknowledged him in a press conference.”

Daly played golf on scholarship for the University of Arkansas from 1984 until 1987 but left before completing his degree. He has been a professional golfer since leaving the Razorbacks and has won the PGA tour 5 different times.

Daly is best known for his non-traditional golf looks and several incidents both on and off the green. He’s an avid supporter of the sports programs at the University of Arkansas.