Arkansas is one of the darlings of the young college football season, and that’s primarily because of how the Razorbacks have done against teams from the state of Texas, including wins over the Longhorns, Aggies and Rice.

Defensive star Grant Morgan shared what the start has meant to the team during an appearance on “SEC This Morning” on the SEC Network.

“It means a lot,” Morgan said. “To see where we come from and to see what we’re doing now. To be able to say you beat both of those Texas teams and Rice, that’s not something you would have told an Arkansas team 2 years ago and they would have believed. For us to have this belief in Coach Pittman and the guys on this team, we’ll believe anything now.”

Morgan credited Sam Pittman with steering the turnaround, but also said the Razorbacks are a close team because they had to go through that losing time together.

“We’re guys, we know how to win, we’ve won our whole lives,” Morgan said. “So those 2 years when it felt weird, we didn’t win, it just kind of pissed us off, and now we’re here and we’re ready to go and we have the keys and we have everything that we need to win.”

Morgan calls Pittman the most genuine person he’s ever met, and that the coach is the same person to the fans and media as he is with the players.

Arkansas travels to Georgia this week in a game that will be previewed by ESPN’s “College GameDay.”