As Arkansas gets ready for its third straight bowl under fourth-year coach Bret Bielema, another former Razorbacks coach is openly speculating that Bielema may find himself on the hot seat in 2017.

“He’s had a pretty nice little honeymoon,” Houston Nutt said during a recent interview with SportsRadio WNML in Knoxville. “I’m an Arkansan, born and raised there. They got after me pretty hard (when I was Arkansas’ coach) and we won three Western titles and went to Atlanta twice. So it’s, ‘What have you done lately?’”

Nutt coached at Arkansas for 10 seasons (1998-2007), posting a 75-48 record, the second-most wins in school history behind only Frank Broyles. He resigned in 2007 largely due to turmoil within the program surrounding the loss of assistant coaches and high-profile transfers.

Bielema hasn’t had that same kind of turmoil, but Nutt believes that simply continuing to make bowl games won’t be enough if the Hogs aren’t more competitive in the SEC West. In other words, the honeymoon is over.

“He’s 10-22 in the SEC,” Nutt said. “So they’re going to look at that hard. He’s going to a bowl. That’s a good thing. … But they’re going to get restless like everybody else.

“We’re in a world where everybody wants to win. They pay you a great salary. All they want you to do is win yesterday. So you’ve got to win.”

Bielema is 25-25 in four seasons at Arkansas, including a 3-9 record in Year 1. A Belk Bowl victory would get the coach over the .500 mark heading into Year 5.