Hunter Yurachek as the Arkansas athletics director is in Destin, Florida this week meeting with other administrators and coaches across the SEC to chart the next path for the conference and college sports in general.

Some of the issues being discussed include the football schedule, especially when Oklahoma and Texas join the league. But also the idea of an SEC-only College Football Playoff, as the league flexes its leverage in the postseason format talks.

“Again, that’s being the leader in this industry and what does that course look like, and is that best for college athletics in general,” Yurachek said as a guest on “The Paul Finebaum Show.” “I don’t think it is best for college athletics in general for the SEC to go out and do their own thing, but Commissioner Sankey has great foresight and he’s making sure that he puts everything in front of us that’s a possibility in the future for us to at least have a discussion on.”

Finebaum then asked about getting the pieces back in place for the expanded Playoff, a format that seemed to be on track last summer only it was derailed because of a lack of agreement between the conferences.

“The SEC sometimes can be seen as the bad boy on the block, per se, just because of the dominance we’ve had in college football,” Yurachek said. “… People in other conferences are going to examine every model and see what’s best for their conference. Not what is best for the SEC. That’s when you have to take your institution hat off and (put) your conference hat on and say, ‘What’s best for college football,’ and I think what’s best for college football is an expanded Playoff model of some type. Whether that’s 8 teams or 12 teams and we’ve got to figure out how to get 10 conference commissioners on the same page and get to that, because that’s truly what’s best for college football.”