If you have not heard the news, Sam Pittman has decided to retain receivers coach Justin Stepp in Fayetteville.

On paper, that appears to be a great decision by Arkansas’ new head coach, as Coach Stepp was one of the best recruiters on Chad Morris’ staff and has a strong track record of getting production from his unit. Going back to his days at SMU, Stepp developed Courtland Sutton into an NFL receiver and took LSU castoff Trey Quinn and turned him into one of the best receivers in that program’s history.

In addition to his ability to coach, Stepp was instrumental in getting high school receivers Mike Woods, Treylon Burks, Trey Knox, Shamar Nash and T.Q. Jackson to sign with the Razorbacks.

If all that information isn’t enough to convince you that keeping Stepp was a solid move by Pittman, how about the reaction from the team’s receivers?

Soon after Pittman decided to keep Stepp on staff at Arkansas, Woods shared the video tweet below. The Razorbacks young and talented receiving corps clearly love their coach and play hard for him. If you were unaware, Burks was just named to the 2019 All-SEC Freshman Team.

Keeping Stepp on staff should go along way to ensuring these players stay on campus following Pittman’s hire on The Hill.

Below is the video Woods shared after news that Stepp was staying was released.