How bad was the call at the end of the Auburn-Arkansas game following Bo Nix’s backward “spike” attempt?

Even Lane Kiffin’s 11-year-old son knew the refs blew it, according to the Ole Miss coach.

With Kiffin’s Ole Miss team scheduled to play the Razorbacks on Saturday, the coach was asked to share his take on the controversial ending to last weekend’s Arkansas-Auburn game.

“I’m sure Auburn is counting their blessings, I mean the balls backwards. Knox knew that when he saw it,” Kiffin said during the latest SEC Coaches Teleconference. “So really a shame for Arkansas to play that well and should have won the game.”

If you somehow missed the ending of that game, Bo Nix bobbled the snap and in a panic move, the Auburn quarterback turned around and “spiked” the ball on the ground. The ball was quickly recovered by an Arkansas player as whistles were being blown by the refs.

Auburn was flagged for intentional grounding and the play was video reviewed, only to have the call of intentional grounding, not a fumble recovered by Arkansas, stand.

The SEC later issued a statement noting that because the ball was not immediately recovered by Arkansas and that some players appeared to give up on the play, the refs had to give Auburn the ball. This statement was issued even though the “spike” attempt was a backward pass, which we all know constitutes a live ball.

If Kiffin’s 11-year-old could see that was a fumble, why couldn’t the refs on the field?

There’s been no explanation on that one.