Arkansas is converting to a grass surface this season at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium, and the program has unveiled what the new paint scheme will look like this fall.

Coach Chad Morris was asked about the change last month at SEC Media Days, and he said it was fitting.

“Well, you’re in the natural state, and, you know, I’m a big runner and I love to jog and to jog by our practice fields and jog by our baseball field and our soccer stadium and our softball field, and you see just how immaculate a grass field looks and the way our grounds crew does such a tremendous job,” he said. “And then knowing that in football there’s nothing better than a freshly cut grass field on a Saturday afternoon. It’s painted up. It’s got a pop to it. It’s got a smell to it. Again, that’s just — it’s football in its natural state.”

The red end zone background appears to be the most dramatic shift, at least from recent years.