Arkansas pulled off quite an impressive feat this offseason with the addition of two graduate transfer quarterbacks to the roster that will both be eligible for the 2019 season.

Former SMU quarterback Ben Hicks is already on The Hill and practicing with the Razorbacks during spring camp while former Texas A&M signal caller Nick Starkel will be arriving over the summer as he still has a bit of academic work to finish before earning his undergraduate degree.

While Starkel has already publicly announced his plans to transfer to Arkansas, one Arkansas fan on Twitter was curious why the quarterback was still representing Texas A&M in his Twitter avatar and not the Hogs. Simply put, Starkel said he hasn’t earned the right to do so at this point.

“After I play for the Hogs. Haven’t done anything yet. I haven’t earned the right to wear that jersey yet,” Starkel said on Twitter.

That’s got to be music to Chad Morris’ ears as the Arkansas coach notably stripped the entire program of team gear this offseason. To be clear, Morris didn’t just take the players gear, he took the coaches gear and everyone involved in the program as he explained this offseason.

“From coaches, to players, to strength staff, to training staff, everybody. Recruiting department, we have to earn everything,” Morris said back in February. “I know our players have been very appreciative. Last week was a great week that we had to pull a win out on Friday, we had to have a perfect Friday to win and when you win, you earn a piece of gear. We earned a pair of shorts.

“So we have a Razorback logo on our shorts, so we are excited about that. Hopefully this week, we can get a win, we’ll get another piece of gear. That’s an opportunity and eventually, we will have an opportunity to win our way back into our locker room.”

Starkel has apparently taken that message to heart with his thoughts on earning his Razorback uniform in the coming weeks and months. Until he does so, don’t expect that Twitter avatar to be changing anytime soon.