They say misery loves company. That’s the case over on popular Arkansas message board Hogville.

Arkansas lost at Kentucky 24-20 on Saturday night. Losing to a Kentucky team playing its No. 3 option at quarterback is hard to stomach for fans of a Razorbacks program that has played in the Sugar Bowl this decade. It’s safe to state that – unsurprisingly – the fans are ready to end Chad Morris’ tenure.

Take a look at some of the threads and posts on Hogville. It’s a classic “stages of grief” for a college football fanbase:

  • Author: Kevin
  • Thread Title: Where’ Hunter
  • Post: He was so quick to tweet after the A&M game?

  • Author: woo.pig
  • Thread title: Who’s the worst coach? Morris or Bielema
  • Post: Bielema at least had a power 5 Win Arkansas
  • Author: TebowHater
  • Thread title: Ty Storey is Our Best Hope
  • Post: Ty leading WKU to victory over CCM on our home field might just do Chad in.
  • Author: Thunderhog jr
  • Thread title: Our fault………
  • Post: It’s our fault, CCM told us and told us when he was first hired that, “I’m just a high school coach”.

There are certainly some rival fanbases enjoying the Arkansas dumpster fire, but the football fan in everyone has to feel for this longtime Razorbacks supporter:

  • Author: k5hog
  • Thread title: My 59th season following Razorback football…
  • Post: I’ve been a Hog fan since 1960 when my parents moved to Arkansas. I followed the Razorbacks through elementary school, junior high, and high school.I graduated from the UofA, and the Razorbacks were a source of pride to me through 29 years in the military as my wife and I moved around the world. We would get scores over shortwave radio, from the “Stars and Stripes,” or from Arkansas Democrat or Arkansas Gazette news clippings would mail us.

    In all this, I would have never thought our program would sink so low. The performance we watched last night is absolutely the worst I have seen in 59 years. And yes, I am including The Citadel.

    I had no clue whatever as to what in his resume qualified Chad Morris to lead our program. I now have even less of a clue.

    I am to the point that I favor buying him out right now if the money can be found. If not (only half jokingly here, pull the plug on program. It’s embarrassing.

Unless Morris turns it around, we can expect more threads comparing him to his predecessor, dreaming of Mike Leach and taunting AD Hunter Yurachek.