Coming into the game touted as an evenly-matched team as Georgia, the Arkansas Razorbacks were dominated by Georgia, 45-32.

What it means: Arkansas fans have to walk away feeling a little disappointed, after thoughts of an upset were on their minds coming in. After an impressive opening drive that resulted in a touchdown, Georgia answered and dominated the rest of the way. The Arkansas defense had no answer for Georgia on the ground or through the air. The Hogs now have a week to make corrections with UAB coming to town next week. The score won’t tell the final story; this was one-sided.

What I liked: Brandon Allen’s performance. Allen played well, for the most part, finishing 28 of 45 for 296 yards and 3 touchdowns. Offensive coordinator Jim Cheney was pass happy in the Hogs’ gameplan, and it wasn’t until midway through the second half that the Razorbacks had success with the play-action pass, an area in which Arkansas typically excels.

What I didn’t like: The turnovers. Similar to last week, turnovers killed a potential upset bid. The Hogs can’t afford to give opponents any extra chances and they did that today. Two fumbles and two Allen interceptions led to 14 Georgia points off turnovers.

Key play: On its first play from scrimmage, Hutson Mason completed a 48-yard pass to Chris Conley on which freshman cornernack Henre’ Toliver was beaten. That seemed to take a bit of the wind out of the Hogs’ sails early. Mason and the Bulldogs attacked the Razorbacks’ youthful secondary often throughout the game.

What’s next: A virtual bye week awaits the Hogs with UAB coming to town. This is a great opportunity for Arkansas to gain some confidence and shore up some problem areas.