Arkansas was the latest SEC team to deal with rising COVID-19 numbers and related protocols, which caused the SEC to call off the game with Missouri this week.

Coach Sam Pittman explained on the SEC coaches media teleconference how Arkansas is dealing with the situation, and the unexpected time off given that the Razorbacks won’t play this week.

“We just didn’t have the numbers to play, I’m thankful the SEC gave us the chance to reschedule it,” Pittman said.

What can you accomplish during a week like this?

“You can’t accomplish a whole lot,” Pittman said. “We don’t have enough to play. When you don’t have enough to play, you probably don’t have enough to practice… so what we’ve done is met and worked on Alabama and Mizzou. We have not had physical practices this week.”

Pittman himself has dealt with a positive case of COVID-19, and he said dealing with it is a lot of stress.

“Eventually, it will probably make the team better but there’s a lot of stress,” he said. “Everyone is dealing with the same thing… but we just returned a test with no negatives… I’m just awful glad we’ve had the season. … There is hope that we could get several of our players back… you never want to put a guy out there before he’s ready, and I’m not saying we did that last week, but you don’t want to do that.”

Pittman explained that Arkansas would give the players the rest of the week off and they will be back on Sunday to prepare for the next opponent.

“I think we find out on Friday… we’ve already watched film on both teams,” Pittman said.