Sam Pittman and Arkansas are getting started in fall camp, and the Razorbacks coach said he really likes this team, and while he’s still learning, they owe it to the state of Arkansas to field a good football team.

As for the new offense under Dan Enos, Pittman said there will be a more physical premium on offense with an attention to detail this year.

“I think you’ll see the tight ends used a lot more than before,” he said, and added that formationally will be different this year. “But when you’re a check offense, and we will do that at times, you’re checking because you’re saying, ‘This is the best look and we’re better than you.'”

Pittman recalled that Georgia was mostly a “check” offense for his time there, and it hopefully means the “mind is strong” for Arkansas entering the season. That’s one reason why Arkansas lifted weights for 5 days in the offseason, more than the 4 days it did prior to last season.

“We needed to be more physical and in all honestly, the most disappointing thing of last year was not between the 20s, it was inside both 20s and situational football,” Pittman said.

Pittman opened up more about the tight end plan.

“Are we gonna be serviceable? Are we gonna be pretty good? Are we gonna highlight them? I don’t know the answer to that right now. They can run, they can catch,” Pittman said. “We’ve got one or two that can be matchup problems if we can get them on the field.”