Sam Pittman and Arkansas are gearing up for their spring game on Saturday, and it will be mainly a team-oriented structure from a format standpoint.

Pittman said the format will be a live scrimmage except portions of special teams, as the teams will be 1 vs. 2 and 2 vs. 1, which will “thud,” particularly the veterans, while some of the 2s and 3s — mainly younger players — may tackle to the ground.

“Without us going live live, I know the scrimmage will be somewhat subjective,” Pittman said. “We have a veteran team. We’ve thudded better this year than the 2 previous years we’ve been here.”

Pittman was pleased with defensive lineman Landon Jackson, who returned from being limited by injury, but is still a ways off from being 100 percent.

Pittman was asked about linebacker Jordan Crook and the coach said he’s thick, can run and plays really hard as a smart player.

“Wants to be coached, exactly what you want in a young guy, you can kind of mold how you want,” Pittman said. “He’s one of the harder working young guys I’ve ever seen. He’s going to be a good player.”

On offense, Pittman said Rocket Sanders has long been one of the first guys to the study table and training table, and last year helped him gain confidence to now help the younger players.

“I’ve seen him be a really good teacher on the football field,” Pittman said.