The Arkansas Razorbacks went into Starkville on Saturday and got blown out by Mississippi State 52-6.

The Hogs were dominated on both sides of the ball, but the defense really struggled. DC John Chavis discussed the embarrassing effort during a press conference on Monday.

At about the 5:30 mark of the video below, shared on YouTube by Hit That Line, Chavis says he lost sleep after the terrible defensive performance:

“Hell, I didn’t sleep. I didn’t sleep any Saturday night,” Chavis says. “I slept a few hours Sunday morning, but it bothers you when you don’t get your best. That has to do with me, that has to do with preparation, that has to do with everybody around. If you can go home and go to sleep, something’s wrong. I’m not suggesting you have to kill yourself or anything like that, but you don’t feel good. I had a high school coach tell me a long time ago that the only cure that gets that feeling back is winning.”

The Hogs play a tough Mizzou team on Friday, and will be without two defensive starters due to suspension for the short week. Things could get ugly for the season finale on Friday afternoon.